Downloaded transactions for one specific T. Rowe Price fund are off by a factor of 100

I upgraded from Mac Quicken 2007 to Mac Quicken 2020. After some manual cleanup, everything is working except one specific T. Rowe fund. I can download transactions for it, but the values I'm getting are off by a factor of 100. For example, instead of registering reinvesting dividends of "7.151 shares @ $11.71 per share," the downloaded transaction shows up as "0.07151 shares @ $1,171.0253 per share." All my other T. Rowe funds work fine. I've tried setting up this T. Rowe account a few times by deactivating and reactivating downloads, but I continue to get these errors.

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  • Thanks so much for the tip! You're right: the T. Rowe fund (which was a bond fund) was indeed categorized as "Bond" instead of "Mutual Fund." I should have mentioned which T. Rowe fund I was having trouble with. Anyway, once I changed the fund to "Mutual Fund," the downloaded transactions are correct.
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