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American Funds new 529 F2 mutual funds

aodcap Member
edited November 2020 in Investing (Mac)
American Funds transferred/exchanged my account from an F1 to an F2 mutual fund for my 529 - Investment Company of America. The mutual fund code is 1604. When I attempt to add, the F2 account it is not listed. When I access by account via the capital group's web site, I can clearly see that the F2 account is present. Why can't I add the the 529 F2 account? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


  • EVGreenman
    EVGreenman Member ✭✭
    Yep, having exactly the same issue. I'm seeing the older F1 shares 13xx & 14xx but the 16xx shares that are the new F2 shares don't show up.
  • EVGreenman
    EVGreenman Member ✭✭
    One other point. I thought I might be able to resolve this with the Mutual Fund Conversion utility in Quicken Premier but I've not been able to find that function. I do see a Mutual Fund Renaming function but that clearly isn't the same. Not sure if that's because I need to change these from Brokerage accounts to something else but that seems irrelevant for now until the 16xx accounts come online for download.
  • KathyH
    KathyH Windows Beta Beta
    Yes I am having the same issue. In the past I was able to just go to add account, but like you said, the new share type is not showing up as an option. So frustrating!
  • aodcap
    aodcap Member
    I just try adding them. I can see the new 1604 accounts. However, there seems to be a communication issue between Quicken and the accounts. I'll try later this afternoon but at least I see them now.
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