Quicken Bill Pay Bug?

So I previously entered a biller and validated that biller for Quick Pay. Sometime after that I converted the biller to "autopay" accessing the same bank checking account (because the biller tacked on an extra fee for using the bill pay service). This created a duplicate entry on my list of online billers in Quicken. Naturally, I want to delete the duplicate entry, but when I attempt to do so, Quicken informs me that it cannot delete an account with pending payments. It instructs me to wait until there is no pending payment and then delete the account. So I waited until the pending payment cleared and again tried to delete the duplicate. Same problem. Quicken won't let me delete either entry. Given the autopay in the biller, apparently Quicken will never recognize "no pending payment".

Has anyone encountered this problem, and if so -- how did you resolve it?



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    Are you trying to delete the online bill in Quicken?  If so, then you should be able to unlink any reminders and just delete it.  If you do have a currently scheduled Quick or Check Pay you would also need to cancel that.  You can delete the biller from Manage Online BIllers using the gear in the Bills and Income tab.

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    Thanks for your response. Turns out that your "clue" was successful -- namely to unlink both instances of the biller from existing reminders. After I did that, both billers disappeared. I then did a fresh add of the biller, which worked. I then linked that new entry for the biller to the existing reminder and it correctly identified that I was "autopaying" the bill through the biller -- thus avoiding the upcharge for using the Quicken Bill Pay service.

    Thanks for the help!

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