PNC Bank Session Timeout When Downloading Transactions

I am trying to update my transactions on Quicken for Mac. All of my other accounts update. PNC bank does not. It starts with asking for a 2-factor identification code, then when I get the code and enter it I get the attached error. This started at some point in the last month, it worked a few weeks ago.
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  • dioxide45
    dioxide45 Member ✭✭
    I finally threw in the towel and disabled downloads in Quicken for PNC. Now I just login to my account on the web and manually download. I did it for years with MS Money, so why not with Quicken. If they get this fixed then I can turn it back on. But I am tired of not having my transactions reconciled.
  • David Green
    David Green Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 2020
    I removed the connection to PNC and added it back. That fixed it. However, these kinds of problems seem to happen often enough that at any given time I never know if I'm going to have problems connecting to 1 or more of my banks. Quicken got more expensive with the subscription model, and the level of service dropped. One reason I moved to Quicken was ease of downloads. However if we keep having to download manually and import (something I also did for years) I might as well stop paying Quicken.
    Quicken for Windows Premiere
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  • hwy86
    hwy86 Member ✭✭
    Yesterday, as a last resort, I used the 'edit settings/change connection type' on my PNC checking account. I did not change the current connection type but simply went through the logon/password screens until I got to the final screen where it showed my account 'linked'. I finished the process and my account now connects and downloads as expected.
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