Portfolio does not show gain or loss - just asterisks where these values should be.

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edited November 2020 in Investing (Windows)
Even after editing placeholders the portfolios do not show gain or loss, just asterisks where these values should be. All the individual stocks show gains and losses, but not the total portfolio. Suggestions?


  • I called last week on this as well. I have had no problems over the many years I have used Quicken on the investment return reports. Suddenly the Investment Return percentages show up as negative 99.9% when I ask for no subtotals. If I request report subtotaling by security the percentages come up and if i ask other ways. I called and spoke to a few people on intuit/quick and they were to report this problem I explained that it had nothing to do with updating quotes.

    So try requesting report per security and see if it works. Otherwise there may be some placeholder you have to open up and adj transactions to correct the costs.
  • I think is found this issue: I you use "estimate average cost" then costs won't roll up to the portfolio level. You need to "enter missing transactions".
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