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After finding Quicken for Mac missing so many missing features that Quicken for Windows
has (including the many financial institutions' support for Quicken for Windows but not Quicken for Mac) I have decided I am just going to cancel my Quicken for Mac subscription, get Quicken for Windows and use a Windows VM to run it. Assuming the subscription change is not going to be a problem, is there a prescribed process for migrating my data from Mac to Windows that will comprehensively get all information including my manual changes? Are there any manual steps I might need to perform like reconnecting all of my linked institutions? I didn't find a guide for this so any help would be appreciated.

Also, just to confirm, does the Windows version allow you to import any delimited file and arrange the field mapping to consistently propagate data into Quicken fields? I recall someone saying this was a "yes" as it was painful to find this missing when I went back to Quicken using my Mac as I relied on it years ago for importing things like spreadsheet data with ledger info.

Any info about your experience with this, caveats/warnings, or other information like feature differences I might want to know about is of course appreciate. Thanks in advance!

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