How to filter investment accounts out of "Spending" tab?

Greetings. Relatively new user here. R29.22 I'm wondering if it's possible to filter investment accounts out of the data tracked on main "SPENDING" tab, as I don't consider investing the same as general spending and it's confusing when that tab reports investment activity as spending. For example, if I buy $10,000 of a security, I notice that on the SPENDING tab, Quicken lumps that in with other spending, making it look like I blew the budget.

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  • paolo99
    paolo99 Member
    Thanks Mark. I could never get that drop-down list to open in the couple of days that I've been using the "Spending" tab, so I assumed it was locked somewhere. However, your answer prompted me to accept the update to that I was notified about this morning and the drop-down list works just fine.
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