Investment Reports

I wish Quicken would provide MORE Sort fields and ability to select a secondary level to sort for reports. Specifically with Investment Reports for this post. I am trying to not have to redefine every security but to use the definitions provided. As an example, securities have the field TYPE (ex for Bonds) but a more specific definition of those Bonds can be found in a field BOND TYPE. Therefore, I would like the report to sort by TYPE then by BOND TYPE OR how about allowing us to sort by ASSET CLASS. New Update allows for Custom definitions. Just provide more sort capabilities for reports other windows like HOLDINGS!!!


  • Dan13
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    Under menu INVESTING, INVESTING REPORTS, I went to SAVE a report. When I went to save it I wanted to SAVE OVER a previous name. Under the "My Saved Reports Contents", it lists previously saved reports but it will not allow me to select the report in the box to select a name to SAVE OVER?
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