Is there a way to get one step update to stop setting scheduled transactions for bills to zero

I have been using one step update to get the latest amount due for online bills. Recently when I run an update for a payee that does not yet have a new bill due - all my scheduled transactions are set to zero. This really hoses up my future views of cash flow (calendar etc.) I talked to customer support and they said I should go back to entering everything manually. That is OK but I had hoped to set up some bill to be paid via Quicken but they said the update would continue to set scheduled transactions to zero making cash flow views useless. Any ideas?


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    Have you tried unlinking your scheduled transactions from the corresponding online bills?  When you do that, the transaction should follow the estimating procedure that is set up within it.  That is the way I did it before deciding to remove the few online bills that continued to work.  For me, online bills just aren't worth the effort it takes to maintain them.  It's easier to just edit the payment transaction for the current bill amount when I reconcile the account.

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