What file size is too large for quicken?

New to the community. My data base is 78 meg and with the last update some of my transaction history is not showing in the registers. In googling the issue, some of the posts say that my data base is too large and some say it doesn't matter. Some of the posts are old.
Just wanted to reach out to the community for current thoughts. Thanks in advance. Lori


  • Mark1104
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    my file is 260mg and 20 years of data. no issues

    what do you mean transaction history is not showing in the registers - can you please provide more detail? 
  • LoriW66
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    Hi Mark! Thanks for the quick post. Glad to hear the file size isn't too large. My data base was up to date. I downloaded & processed transactions last weekend. But now those have disappeared after the update that processed a few hours ago now. The latest transactions I have now are from July months old. I also added new accounts last weekend and those are still there but now with no transactions. But I did transactions last weekend in those accounts ugh. When I googled the issue I was seeing I should try to run a file operation to validate and repair but was just nervous about trying it. I don't want to make it worse. And some of the posts made it sound like it was an issue years ago that quicken fixed.
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    Don't worry about the Validate & Repair. The first thing it does is save a backup to the VALIDATE sub-folder of your Quicken data folder. If you've never done it, it will probably find, and hopefully repair, lots of issues in your data.

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    I searched the community and found several posts recommending a File/File Operations/ Copy and then use the copy to run a Validate. I tried both and not sure it helped the file size at all, but we'll see if performance is better. My old file dates back to 1993 and is 339MB. After the File / Copy, it came out as 186MB. Then Validate on the copy and it grew to 355MB. So I decided to just use the File/Copy and ignore the Validate as that larger file had over 20 blank bill reminders added. Not sure why the Validate operation screwed up when the Validate Log says it found a damaged scheduled reminder and removed it but instead added over 20 copies of a blank reminder. Anyway, the smaller File/Copy of 186MB seems to be a bit faster like switching accounts and entering transactions doesn't get the spinning wheel for more than 1-2 seconds when before, it could take 5+ seconds to enter a transaction. So my recommendation is the File / Copy seemed to reduced file size by almost half (45%) and feels faster. BTW, I never used archive or attachments, but there are lots of old closed accounts in my 27 year old file. I am not clear the 186MB file size will remain small if there are errors, but seems the Validate didn't quite work well either. Time will tell if this file continues to perform or needs a Validate that could balloon it back up.
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