FAQ: Quicken Windows Release Process

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How Often are Updates Released?
A new release for Quicken for Windows is typically released every month.

How do releases work?
Releases are made available in stages.
Once a new release has completed beta testing, it is made available to a limited number of Users.

When the release has been accepted by the target number of users, it is then paused while we listen for feedback or issues from the larger group of Users.

If no issues are reported, the release will move into the second stage and be made available for a larger group of users and we will again pause the release while we listen for reports of issues or problems.

If none are found, at this time we will make the release "live" and available for all Users.

"You already have the latest version of Quicken installed"

Some Users may receive a prompt to install a new update, but then receive a notice that they are already on the latest version of Quicken.  This happens when the staged release has been accepted by the target number of Users and has been paused. 

If you would like to install the release without waiting for the next stage, it is available in the Quicken Help Center by downloading the Mondo Patch here.

Where can I see all of the Windows Release Notes?
All Windows Release Notes are available in the Quicken Help Center by visiting here.

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