Quicken doesn't show correct value for Pfizer PFE and Vanguard Funds

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Values for 9=26=20 and 10/30/20 do not agree with the financial statement from Edward Jones for Pfizer PFE. Both periods are low by 5.27%. Strange.
Also Quicken does not agree with my Vanguard Funds statement for 10/30/20


  • volvogirl
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    You need to compare the number of shares and the price per share.  One or both is probably wrong.  Are you missing shares?  Like from reinvested dividends?
  • bfree48
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    I failed state that the share balances in Quicken agree with my statements.
    What is wrong is the share prices in Quicken do match my Edward Jones and Vanguard value.
    The share prices for all of my Vanguard accounts are all higher. Not any off by the same percentage. Varier from 1/1% to 12.8%.
    The Pfizer prices from Quicken are 5.2% less than the Edward Jones statement. as I said above for periods ending 9/26/20 and 10/30/20.
  • BrianR
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    I wonder if the price discrepancy somehow arose from the Viatris spin-off? (When-issued trading values or some such.)
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