After running One Step Update, I lose my Credit Card account.

This happens when I run One Step Update and on top of the update screen, it says data is being sync to our improved cloud services. It don't show any errors of the update, however, my Credit Card Account has disappeared in the Accounts Bar. I have to do a restore to get back my account. This has been happening over 3 weeks now and not sure how to fix it. My Credit Card Account (Capital One) is not attached to the One Step Update, so not sure why it keeps disappearing.

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  • grobinson9
    grobinson9 Member ✭✭
    I did the One Step Update with the sync button off. I didn't have the issue as before. I will continue to leave off until there is something done.

  • Quicken Francisco
    Quicken Francisco Alumni ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for confirming. If you could do report a problem as well so we're to collect some information as we're currently working on the issue. You can go across the top to help > report a problem. In the subject line please also put CTP-1230 so we can attach it to the correct issue. 

    Quicken Francisco
  • RTQ
    RTQ Unconfirmed ✭✭
    I have had the same problem and lost a Discover card account that had several years of transactions.  It disappeared around Nov 23 but I didn't realize it until today when I saw many uncategorized transaction in the Spending report.  I had to revert to a Nov 22 backup and recreate some transactions from there.  I will turn off sync as recommended.
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