Excess entries in Maturity Dates for Bonds and CDs report in taxable account

The Maturity Date report for the bond/CD ladder in my retirement account is perfect with one line for each security. The same report for my taxable account has multiple lines for each bond for which I've recorded a coupon payment. I use Enter Transactions - Income, enter amount as Misc, and select Interest Tax Exempt as category for those coupon payments.

Screenshot attached. Would love to get rid of all these extra entries. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  • tlbenning
    tlbenning Member ✭✭
    Your suggestion does fix the report issue. Thanks very much. Would love to know why it fixes it.

    Years ago I created an Interest-TaxFree-TripleTaxFree income subcategory to differentiate in-state from out-of-state bond income at tax time. I couldn't figure out how to create a _HiddenCategory so that's why I used the MiscInc entry.

    I guess I still want that subcategory info worse than I want a pretty report.

    Appreciate your response very much.
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