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Red flag under "Banking" indicating a new transaction, what do I do?

When the "Accounts" column under "Banking" shows a red flag, indicating a new transaction(s), if I clicked on that account, the bottom of the page showed the new transaction and I accept it or assign it to an existing transaction. Now (last week or so), there's nothing there on the bottom of the page. If I click on the red flag, a box appears that says, "You have 1 transaction to review". If you click on the message, nothing happens. Did something change or did I accidentally turn off the review process? In other words, now I cannot get rid of the red flag next to the account. (Attached image)

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  • King Cerdic
    King Cerdic Member ✭✭
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    Excellent! It looks fixed! Thank you, miklk! I had to wait a few days to ensure the register was still working with fresh downloads and all appears good.

    Again, Thank You!