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I am wanting to split my transactions up for each paycheck I receive during the month, which is only 2 paychecks. I've created 10 categories or 10 envelopes, whatever you want to call em, and I split each paycheck to go to the proper category/envelope. The problem though is when I go to budget, under my personal income, it does not show any of that. Is there anything I can do here? The only way it seems to show the paycheck under personal income is if it is NOT split. :(


  • Valderi
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    You should create "10 savings goals" for your 10 envelopes.
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    Hi @j86schroeder

    So it sounds like you are using the the categorization of your income (i.e. each paycheck) to accomplish a budgeting process.  I think there's a better and easier way to do that in Quicken - its called the "Budget" process.  To see a high-level overview, within the Quicken application, of how to set up a budget, go to "Help" > "Tips & Tutorials" > under the "Tips" section - select "How to create a Budget".  You can also search Quicken Help for "create a budget" and that will show you the detailed steps you need to take.

    While the age-old "envelopes" method of budgeting works as a manual process, I think you'll find using Quicken to track and report your budget to be an easier and more comprehensive method.

    Good luck!


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  • j86schroeder
    So I created 2 savings goals for 2 envelopes. That did not solve the problem, any other work arounds suggestions? Thank you.
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