Proper way to restore a backup file

I recently had to restore a backup file because the bank download quit working. The long story short is that after restoring the backup file 1) my Quick Pay transactions were no longer linked to quick pay, 2) I still could not download and link to a bank I had been using for the last 10 years, 3) I started to get error CC-800 when trying to do an update and 4) I started to get CC-511 on Web Connect registers.

After talking with Quicken support, I was asked to send log files to quicken so that my quicken account could be reset. That was completed over the weekend and now everything is working.

So the question is:
1) what are the best practices to restoring a backup
2) The Quicken account reset should be included in the validate & Repair menu. This would really simplify fixing some Quicken interface issues by the user.



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