Exclude Categories / Tags from Reports

It would be great to have the ability to EXCLUDE specific categories and tags from reports, as opposed to having to select which specific categories/tags I want to INCLUDE. Most often, my reports show details of almost all my categories/tags, but I want to remove just one or two (Irregular or Yearly expenses, say). To do so, I have to create a report, select all options, and then filter through and uncheck the categories/tags I want to exclude. This works, except:

1.) It is not easy to quickly see which categories/tags are excluded, because the report lists all of the included categories/tags, which is often in the 50-100 range.

2.) If I create a new category/tag, I have to remember to edit my reports to include those because they are not automatically included in existing reports.

On the report edit page, one more radio button such as "Include all transactions except those with selected categories" alongside the existing "Include transactions with any category" and "Include only transactions with selected categories" would be perfect. And similar for tags.
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  • belvis
    belvis Member
    I have another use case for this idea.

    In my example, I have a tag "Receipt" which I use to track transactions that have some kind of paper receipt as a backup. I want to generate a report that shows the transactions that lack this tag, so that as I am matching receipts to transactions, I am only looking at a list of candidate transactions; as I go on and add this tag to various transactions, the report would get smaller and smaller, making it easier to go through the remaining transactions and match them to receipts.

    Without this ability, I have to do something like generate a report (maybe based on date range, a set of categories, etc.), then as I go through the receipts, I have to scan through this (potentially long) report for the transaction I'm interested in. All of the transactions that already have the Receipt tag are noise, and make the search harder.

    Having the ability to generate a report that excludes the Receipt tag would also help me have a sense of how many transactions I have (and the total dollar amount) that I'm missing receipts for.