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I can’t connect to my bank and I keep getting a “connected services expired” message. I checked, and I am good until April ‘21. My bank is PNC, so this could also be related to the PNC connection issue. Any help is appreciated.


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    Hello @mvbarnes

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for  the issue you're having. To start off here could we know what version of quicken you're using? We can double check this by going across the top to Quicken > about Quicken. Is this the first time you've had issues as well? Also how often do you use Quicken?

    We'll just need some more information before figuring out what the best step so we're able to get you back up and running. Let us know more once you get the chance


    Quicken Francisco

  • mvbarnes
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    Version 6.0.1 (Build 600.37045.100)

    MacOS 10.15.7
  • mvbarnes
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    I don’t use Quicken it very often, but connecting to PNC and downloading transactions has never been an issue before
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    Sorry to hear that downloading from PNC has been a bit nettlesome recently. (Thanks for the additional details. That helps.)
    Let's try to help you resolve this:

    Do you know if PNC has any sort of permissions/MFA/switch-to-toggle to allow them to release information down to Quicken on their website? It sounds like they may well have such a thing that needs re-authorization.

    Within Quicken, go to the Register for one of your PNC accounts. Next, at the top of your screen, click on Accounts > Settings. In the Account Settings pop-up box, click on the Downloads button > Reset Connection. Go through the rest of the setup.
    What happens? Are we successful resetting the connection with our friends at PNC? Or do you get any sort of error code/message? (If so, what exactly does the error code say?)

    If need be, you are welcome to contact support and we'll be happy to help you work through this together.
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