401(k) update wizard

I would like to see past 401(k) update wizard reconciliations. How do I do that?


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    Hi @waltlyons

    I just want to understand what you want to access - are you looking for past "account reconciliations" for your 401(k) account?  Or, are you looking for "account update records" for that account?

    If the answer is "account reconciliations", unless you take the additional step of making a copy after each reconciliation, you'll only be able to see that last reconciliation you performed.

    If you are looking to access the "401(k) Update Wizard -
    1) Open the account in Quicken
    2) click on the gear icon in the upper right
    3) select :Update 401(k) Holdings
    4) follow the step-by-step instructions.

    Let me know how that goes or if you have additional questions.


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