Deleting a scheduled paycheck transaction after a certain date.

The time has finally arrived for me to retire. I currently have my paycheck on a two week schedule. I would like to be able to continue my paychecks until my last paycheck is processed so it no longer appears in my calendar or anywhere else for that matter. This will probably be sometime in Feb. of 2021. The paycheck transaction menu doesn't have any way to end it at some future date . Short of deleting the two week scheduled paycheck transaction and setting up a bunch of one time transactions is there a simpler way of accomplishing want I want?


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    HI @streetwolf,

    First off - Congratulations on your retirement, and much good luck in the more relaxing future!

    I assume that you currently have a recurring "reminder" entry (or scheduled transaction) setup for your paycheck.  So you should leave that "as is" until you've received your final paycheck.  Then, you should go to: "Bill & Income Reminders" > then right-click on that next transaction > and select "Delete this instance and ll future instances" > then hit the "OK" button in the pop-up and you're done.

    Let me know if you have any followup questions and again Good Luck!


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