Adding Fidelity Brokerage Accounts

I’m trying to add my wife’s brokerage accounts to my Quicken file so we can manage our retirement in one place. We both have our own Fidelity Investments accounts with different IDs and passwords. I can establish a Quicken file for myself or I can establish a Quicken file for my wife. I can’t get them both in one file.

I apologize if this was asked and answered but I’ve spent multiple hours trying to get this done both on my own and chatting with Quicken. I was told I had a corrupt file so I wiped everything and started from scratch. Didn’t make a difference.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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    I just tried this in a fresh new Quicken file (which I need to create anyway) and had a hard time getting all 4 of our Fidelity accounts created properly. I did it twice in a row, which resulted in duplicate accounts, but finally got them all in and deleted the duplicate accounts.
    Back when I created my original data file decades ago and added the Fidelity accounts, there was no problem at all with my login for my accounts (including 1 joint) and my wife's login for her account. That file still works fine set up that way. But it seems now there is a bit of a problem.
    On the Fidelity site, we each have full authorized access to each other's accounts (which we probably hadn't set up originally). This means Quicken brings in all our accounts under either ID in my new data file. This probably accounts for the duplicates mentioned above. If you can't get both accounts in the same file any other way, you could try this "back door" method.
    This was definitely harder than I expected or remembered.

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    Quicken Premier 2020 Version R31.8 Build When Quicken tries to connect to Fidelity Investments, the program hangs up and freezes. I have to use Task Manager to close the program. I have tried setting up another file and tried to add a Fidelity Investment account and the same thing happens. It only happens with Fidelity Investments. I have had this problem for over a year. I thought once I upgraded to the 2020 version, which I did a couple off weeks ago, the problem would rectify itself. It hasn't. I have spent multiple hours researching the problem. I see this has been a problem for many and it has been resolved. But evidently not for me. Anyone have an answer on how to resolve this?
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    I'm sorry to say this is not Quicken's problem; it's your problem. Thousands, maybe millions, of Quicken users connect successfully with Fidelity Investments every day, myself included. I just created a new test file and my 4 Fido accounts added in less than a minute.
    I recommend taking stock of your PC and network setup, including any security (firewall, antimalware, etc.) which may be blocking Fidelity.

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