Updating transactions older than a year ago

I stopped using Quicken in April 2019 and just began using it again. I recently purchased Quicken Deluxe for the Mac and successfully loaded my previous Quicken data. I then began working to download all of the transactions from my bank and brokerage accounts from April 2019 until now (December 2020).

Depending on the institution, I am able to download transactions from November or December 2019, but nothing earlier than that. The period of time from April 2019 to November/December 2019 does not appear available to download. Everything from that time to present downloads flawlessly.

To keep me from having to download eight months of data manually, does anyone have any thoughts on why I can't download these transactions from April to December 2019?


  • RickO
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    It's up to each bank how much data they provide in online downloads. What you are seeing is typical. Your only option other than entering the transactions manually is to see if the bank provides the ability to download an OFX/QFX file for a longer time period. If so, import this file into Quicken. I recommend letting it import into a new account, then drag and drop any non-duplicate transactions to the exiting account, then delete the new on.

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  • steve77
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    Okay. Not what I was hoping for but it makes sense.
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