How to move an account from ""All Savings" listing to "All Checking"

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I have and account that shows up in the "All Checking" group when I select "All Transactions>All Checking in the register. Problem is, that account is a Savings account. How do I set it back to a Savings Account, so it doesn't show as a "All Checking" account under All Transactions?


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    Thank you for posting in the Community today, though I’m sorry that you are experiencing this issue with the savings account.

    Select the TOOLS menu at the top left of the Quicken software and from there, choose the first option ACCOUNT LIST. Click on the EDIT button that corresponds with the account in question. Choose the last tab at the top DISPLAY OPTIONS. In this window, click on the first drop down menu at the bottom left. In my example shown below it is the one currently labeled SPENDING. From this drop down choose SAVINGS.


    Did this solve the issue? Let us know!

    Thank you

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    Tried that, it was set to savings, I tried a validate, then log out than back into Quicken, it still showing in the column with all the checking accounts.
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    I also have a savings account which Quicken thinks is a checking account. Unless your account has few transactions - and especially few transfers - you're pretty much stuck with it as is.
    You cannot edit the account to be a savings account. The only thing to try is to create a new account and move all the transactions from the existing "checking" account to the new savings account.
    This turns out to be prohibitively difficult because Quicken messes up the transfers, which in turn can affect the transactions and balances in your other accounts. After creating a new empty savings account, I have tried
    • Move Transactions - even with all transactions selected, only the first one gets moved
    • Cut & Paste transactions - requires confirmation when cutting each reconciled transaction - one at a time
    • Copy & Paste transactions, then delete old account - almost works, avoiding all the confirmations, but still screws up the transfers
    So I have given up. I have set the "intent" of the account to Savings as mentioned above and that's good enough for me because I almost never use All Transactions. There are possibly other creative approaches. Maybe someone else has an idea.

    Quicken user since version 2 for DOS, now using QWin Biz & Personal Subscription (US) on Win10 Pro.

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    Rocket, sounds like you were right where I'm at. 2 Years ago I combined an older Visa account with a newer one because I had to get a new card. I combined the accounts with "NO TROUBLE"!  then 2 wks ago I went to the new Visa account to look back at a transaction more that 2 years old. I could only go back as far as the new account was established, checked a bunch of backups, but coudn't find the the backup of the original.

    Support pretty much told me "to bad", you probably been backing up the file with only the transactions from the newest card, so I lost the backup with all the transactions on it. So decided, what the heck I did it once, I can do it again....NOT! I ended up with balances in the hundreds of thousands of dollars because od 14 yrs worth of screwed up transfers. So I decided I could "get by" using "All Transactions" and ask it to open only Cr Card accounts (2).  Great idea until one saving account ended up in the mix, so that idea was out the door! I DID discover however, that under ALL TRANSACTIONS" you can Customize and select just the accounts you want, so I tried that and guess what...that Savings Account that was showing up, was gone.

    I could see only the CC accounts again. It's still screwed up, and the fact that I found this in the issues, should be enough to take Quicken directly to the problem to be fixed. It was like a road sign that said "THIS WAY"! But after 14 years with Quicken, I'm not optimistic that Quicken will do anything except say put it up for a vote, yea ok so you and I will vote yes and that's where it will sit. Who knows how many other are having this problem, and never read all the issues you can vote on. So I'm stuck, not quite sure what all the in's and out's there are trying to have 2 separate accounts instead of 1 for the same information and transactions. I tried but support told me I'd have th  move 14 years of transaction one year at a time, omitting  all the transfers, doing them one at a time while making the changes in the transfer account numbers as I go. That's  $350,000 in transfers over 14 years, and I'm not a rich person! 

    As a post script, after I tried to do that, I started getting "Dataset too large errors. In 1 week I talked to support 4 times, they reset, then Qkn would sync to cloud (which it shouldn't have) because I don't use mobile! So after fighting that a whole week, they finally opened a ticket for me after 7 days. I called, support had that fixed for me in15 minutes! 

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    Just took a Qkn backup file (USB) moved it to my laptop into my User>(name)>Documents>Quicken folder tried to restore to laptop, got ANOTHER Dataset overflow message, tried to login as different user, wouldn't take my password, tried using a new password I got last week that wouldn't work on my desktop but did on my laptop  and it went. Still Have Dataset full msg. What the [removed - profanity] is going ON??????
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    Rocket, After going to All transactions, selecting Custom in the accounts field, selecting all my Visa Accounts (checked 5 of them), and display them, then I was able to go back to All transactions>All Visa Accounts, display them and the rogue savings accounts that were there before were suddenly not there any more!
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