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I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I'm trying to renew my subscription and I seem to be stuck in a loop.

I had a subscription for Mac, but the card I had on file was expired and before I could change it, my subscription expired. I updated my card details and tried to renew, but now I keep going in circles.

I'm going to break this down into steps:

1) From within Quicken, I have a bunch of notifications that my membership expired: a yellow banner at the top with a button to Renew and a link to "Renew today" as well as a side-bar with a button to Update Now.

2) Clicking on any of these brings me to Plans & Pricing / Quicken for Windows page. I click the slider to Mac and under Starter (the subscription I used to have and still want), I click Buy Now.

3) This brings me to the Secure Checkout, Payment Information screen which has the correct payment method set and my billing address.

To the right of that shows a summary of the order and it all looks good. At this point, the only option I have is the big blue Submit Order button which I click...

4) Which brings me to a page telling me "It looks like you have an existing Quicken Account associated with you (sic) email address." (I have to admit, the typo didn't fill me with confidence, but I pressed on).

Below that: "Please log in here with your existing login to migrate your account." It gave me both an option to click on the "log in here" link and also a Continue button below that. Confused, I just clicked "log in here" ...

5) This brought to a My Account page where it had all of my personal info, so I assumed I'm logged in and the best option would be to click the "Renew now" link to renew. Nope, this brought me back to the Payment Information screen from step #3 (above).

So, in what has to be the worst "Choose Your Own Adventure" game ever, I went back through the steps and in step #4, I clicked the Continue button...

This brought me directly to step #5, above.

And now I'm stuck, out of options, out of potions and healing spells. If I'm missing something really simple, I will gladly take back all of my snark and award XP as needed.

Perplexed in Pittsburgh,

Joe :'(


  • Quicken_Julio
    Quicken_Julio Employee, Windows Beta, Mac Beta, Canada Beta mod
    Hi @PCTech714,

    Thanks for taking the time to post to our Community.

    This is actually a known issue at the moment. Please contact Quicken Support for further assistance with processing your renewal.
  • PCTech714
    Thank you, Julio!
    I ended up speaking to Juan and he was very helpful. It turns out I had an old account from 2016 under a different email address that was messing with things. Juan was able to take care of it all and I'm up and running!
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