When I create a transfer in bill minders from my checking to a loan account and then view my calendar it does not show the change in the balance in the calendar graph on the payment date. If I just create it as a manual bill paid to that account from my checking it shows the change in balance. Am I doing something wrong?


  • UKR
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    Unless this is for some other type of loan, for home and automobile loans I recommend using the Scheduled Reminder which is created by the loan setup process.
    When the loan account is NOT connected to the bank for downloading, this scheduled reminder will contain Split category definitions which correctly transfer the principal amount to the [name of loan account] register and charge the interest due to a Loan:Interest (or similar) expense category.
    When the loan account is connected, there is no transaction register for the loan account. The transaction must use an expense category for Loan:Principal instead.
    And that might explain why you don't see the loan balance going down ... Quicken must wait for and rely on the bank to download information after they have recorded your payment.

  • sauerld
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    I do use the schedule reminder but this is for paying additional dollars on the principal each month. thanks
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