After transaction download, prompted to rename stock each time

I have a stock (TMO - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.) that I have both ESPP and non-ESPP shares of in different accounts.

A while back, I got prompted to change the name to "Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. Common Stock". At first I let Quicken do it but had to pull a backup as it blew up all of the past transactions so I renamed it manually.

Now EVERY time I accept transactions in either account, I get asked about the name even though it shows that the names are an exact match... When I answer "it's the same but I'll rename it" option, I get the the notice that my account and online balances match.

1) Is this a result of the ESPP?
2) Is it the result of a character length issue somewhere in code during that "DONE" action when accepting downloaded transactions?
3) Where does Quicken get the equity names? Does that come from the broker?


  • Quicken Hugh
    Quicken Hugh Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hello @eichmat,
    What you have described is indeed a puzzler. 
    Let's run a quick test to try to eliminate some possible causes - please go to Help > check for updates. (If an update to your software is available, please install the update.) Next, File > File Operations > Validate and repair. In the pop-up box, check Validate, then click on OK. 
    After the Validate and Repair functions completes, it will give you DATA_LOG - is there anything that needs your attention or is damaged?
    In all other regards, both your computer and Quicken are working well, yes?

    Can you give us a screen shot of your situation please? 
  • eichmat
    eichmat Member ✭✭
    Current version. I did the File Validation--nothing other than the standard notices regarding future transfers in to 401k accounts (paycheck entries for the next 30-days)... I do get a "duplicate category" pop-up during the validation, but nothing is logged in the file so I can't figure it out...

    I still haven't had a download that involved an account with that security in it to grab that screenshot.