Duplicate future transactions on different dates

One of my wife's retirement checks is paid monthly but on different dates. Would be very nice if I could put in a repeating transaction but be able to change the date for each monthly transaction or have the capability to copy and paste a transaction in the monthly calendar. Currently I have to manually enter a complete transaction (including splits) each month.


  • GeoffG
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    If the check you are referring to is SS, Quicken already has functionality for the day of a week repeating. If not what is the interval you are not able to match?
  • Lloyd Young
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    I am aware of the functionality you are referring to and No this does not match the functionality I am after. A date one month maybe on the 28th next month on the 29th, next month 27th. There is no commonality to date or day of the week.
  • volvogirl
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    You could just ignore it being on a different date.  It's only a day or two different.  My pension is paid on the first of the month but deposits a day or 2 early but I record it on the first to be in the right month and year.  Which means it's always on my bank statement at the end of the prior month so I have to subtract if off to reconcile each month.  One reason I do this is so at the end of the year the last pension payment is really 12/1 and not the 12/28 deposit.  That is really for the Jan 1 payment.  And to match the 1099R which covers Jan1 to Dec 1.

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  • Lloyd Young
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I do something similar to this currently. The difference in my case can be as much as 5 days and there are reasons I would prefer the transaction appear in the register on the exact date. What I do currently is put the transaction in as a repeating transaction and when the current months transaction posts in the register, I go to the repeating transaction and update the date to the date it is going to post the next month. At least this saves me from entering all the details of the transaction every month and gets it in the register on the correct date each month. 
  • UKR
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    does that payment date always fall on, e.g., the last Wednesday of the month? That's easily available when setting up a Scheduled Reminder
    and hope for change to come soon. It's in the works, they say ...
    For manually entering another occurrence of a Split transaction ... have you memorized the previous occurrence? If so, then reusing that entry from the Memorized Payee List should be quick and easy.
  • jrich75
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    Another way would be to schedule the auto-entry of your transaction a day before the earliest possible date.  Then when the bank download arrives, just edit the date to match the actual date.  

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