Setting up bank act and only transactions from 10/1/2020 are showing

I've just started setting up Quicken. I'm adding my checking, savings and credit card accounts. My goal is to go back to 1/1/2020 so I can get 2020 organized for tax season and move forward into 2021 with a plan. When I added my accounts and linked them, only transactions from late September/October forward came in. How do I pull older transactions into Quicken?


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    Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of what the bank provides for download. And that's usually at most 90 days for almost all banks.

    However, check the bank's website and see if they will allow you to download a Quicken file (QFX) with older transitions. If so, you can probably download and import this file into Quicken. I say probably because there are a few banks that don't support this on Quicken's end even though they provide online access.

    If you are able to get the QFX file, double click it and it should pop open Quicken and ask you if you want to import it to an existing account or create a new account. The easiest thing to do is to let it create a new account. Then in that new account, select only the transactions by date that you don't already have in the existing account. Drag and drop those to the existing account in the sidebar. Now that the existing account has all the transactions, you can delete that temporary new account.

    There are some tools online that will convert a CSV or PDF transaction file to QFX. However, they are not supported by Quicken and probably violate the terms of service. I am not recommending this, but wanted to mention for completeness.
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