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I have 20 Traditional IRA accounts that are all linked to my financial institution and have been updating daily for the past year without any issues.  I have Quicken Windows and Mac and verify the numbers on both systems.  Two days 3 days ago I sold partial amounts from each of the 20 IRA accounts.  A day later the Windows version of Quicken updated the new lower values without issue correctly.  The Mac version shows the sales transactions in the accounts but will not show the reduced account values.  The windows Quicken version works correctly.  After a chat session with Quicken support I was told that it was my financial institution that was causing the problem and that I should have them fix the issue.
As a test yesterday I deleted one of the accounts and then added it back in by linking it back to the financial institution.  The correct value of the account was shown this time but, now Quicken will only add the account back in as a Brokerage account type and not a Retirement account type like all the other existing accounts.  I carefully selected Traditional IRA when adding the account multiple times.  The program simply ignores my selection and adds the linked account as a Brokerage account that it will not allow me to change.  The same thing happened last year except I was able to delete all 20 accounts and add them back in under the Retirement type.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • RickO
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    This could be a problem with an errant Placeholder transaction. See this FAQ:


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  • McRob
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    Thanks for the suggestion.  I looked at placeholder items and I don't think that was the problem.  Quicken has been updating correctly for the past year on 20 of my accounts as the accounts went up and down in value along with the stock values.  Only when I sold a few shares of each of the 20 stocks did Quicken on the Mac side stop working correctly.  The Windows version worked fine with exactly the same accounts.  The exact same thing happened last year when I sold some of my IRA's at the end of the year.  Intuit has not fixed their software on the Mac side yet, in fact they have made it even worse by forcing an additional work around.
    Now I have to delete all 20 accounts and then add them back in as last year but now the software always adds them in as Brokerage type accounts no matter how you set the account type.  Now, after the accounts are added back into Quicken I have to disconnect the link and then I can change the account type to Traditional IRA, which puts it into the Retirement category.  Then I get to go into each account one by one and re-link it back to the on line account making sure to select Traditional IRA as the account type.

    Now at least all my Retirement accounts have the correct values again and update correctly.  It only took around 6 hours of work.  I am hoping Intuit will get their software working correctly next year.  I doubt it.
  • RickO
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    Glad you got it sorted out. BTW, Intuit has not owned Quicken for several years.
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