Re-adding existing investment accounts

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I have multiple accounts that are years old and out of sync. My thought is to delete them and begin all over as it would be quite a pain to try and update with monthly statements for several years hoping to fill in gaps that are now causing the accounts to be out of sync (at least I assume that’s why). These accounts are with Vanguard, Fidelity Net Benefits, and Wealthfront. How should I go about this? Can I delete the accounts in Quicken and then add them back? If so, will this cause Quicken to go back a number of years and grab all the previous transactions? I must say, Quicken has been useful with our bank accounts but accurately updating and tracking mutual funds, 401K, etc, from these other sources has been less than pleasing.


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    Quicken will not go back and download years of transactions. It can only download what the FI provides for online connection, and this is at most 90 days for most FIs. Placeholder transactions will be created to bring the asset holdings up to date. See this FAQ for more info:

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    I'd say start with new accounts as of 12/31/20. Set them up as manual accounts, not connected to the brokerage for downloading.
    Using the 12/31 statement, manually "Add shares" for each of your current holdings and set up your cash balance.
    When done, create a backup of your data file. Now connect the account for downloading. Any downloaded transactions for December or earlier which would throw the account out of balance should be deleted. Only accept new transactions on or after 1/1.
    Are you syncing to the cloud for Quicken on the Web or Quicken Mobile?
    While you're doing all this, stop Sync to the cloud. Reset Sync after you're done, to ensure that a fresh copy of your data is uploaded.