Bank Transactions Not Appearing

After I download Q2 & Q3 bank transactions onto my computer and attempt to drag and drop into my Quicken program checking account, they are not appearing. This has always worked in the past. My Quicken program only appears to download the most recent quarter's transactions and not by the dates defined so am unable to pull date range needed. What's going on?


  • RickO
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    What version of QMac are you using? What is file format (file extension) that you are downloading? What happens when you double click the downloaded file?
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  • Version 6.0.3 (Build 600.37136.100)
    The file is building a new folder in the program and dumping the data into that folder, not into the main/historic folder that the data needs to merge into. This is happening for checking account and a credit card account from the same bank as well as for a second, unrelated credit card account that downloads automatically.
  • RickO
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    When you say "folder", I'm going to assume you mean account register. QFX import should offer to let you link the import to an existing account. But sometimes this doesn't happen. After it creates a new account, simply select all those transactions in the new account and drag and drop them to the appropriate account in the sidebar. Then delete the now-empty new account.
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    @Margaret Nicoll
    The first thing you can try is open up that newly created Quicken account (folder) and drag transactions as appropriate to the name of the correct Quicken account (checking, credit card, ...) in the sidebar. In the usual Mac fashion, you can select as many transactions as you want before dragging.

    BEFORE TRYING ANYTHING, MAKE A BACKUP of your Quicken data file. File > Save a Backup...

    You did not say, but if the new Quicken account has received transactions for more than one account at your bank, you might want to just delete that new account and then repeat the import of just one bank account download file at a time before then dragging transactions to the correct Quicken account.
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