How do I convert ONLY busienss transactions to Quickbooks?

I have one Quicken file that contains both personal and business accounts and transactions. I want to move ONLY the business accounts to do I do this? I don't want my investments, 401k, personal credit cards or checking accounts to migrate over. I want to keep all the historical information from the 10 years of the business in quickbooks.

After the conversion, I want Quicken to manage my personal accounts - and not see any business accounts.

- Do I have to copy the quicken file, then delete the accounts in quicken before converting to Quickbooks?

- Is there a way to downgrade from Quicken for to quicken deluxe or other version after I convert the business accounts?

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    Hi @bdsklar,

    Here some detailed information on converting from Quicken to Quickbooks that should help you on the actual data conversion - LINK.

    As far as your question about how to go about the conversion, I suspect that you will need to determine the best method to do that, based on how easy or hard it may be to for you separate the personal data from the business data in your current Quicken file.  For most users, I suspect that there may be a lot of crossover of data, unless they have been meticulous in separating transactions over the years they have used the application. 

    Assuming your file has no crossover, then "Yes" I would suggest that you do make a copy of the current quicken file, then delete the personal accounts and data, and then do the conversion.

    And lastly, - again "Yes" you can downgrade your Quicken version from H&B to a lower tier.


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