Quicken Newbie.....2 questions...

1. How do I set up cash....I take cash out of bank then spend it....how do I handle that...???
2. If I set up a credit card as an offline account......how do I later change it to an online connected account...???


  • Whoops....thank you in advance for your help...
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    Hi stevern5000, Welcome to Quicken!

    1 - to set up cash just create an asset account called "cash" (under "other assets and liabilities" ).  Then just use the cash account like you do any other asset account.  To record a cash expense just enter the transaction in this account and use the appropriate category(ies).

    2 - If you set up an offline credit card later you can right click on the account in the account bar and select "Edit/Delete account".  Then click on the Online Services tab and click the set up  now button.  There you can select the bank and will be asked to enter your login credentials to access the account online.

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    1. Create a Cash account. When you withdraw from the bank, enter a transfer transaction from the bank account to the cash account. When you spend the cash, track it in the cash account (to whatever level of detail you like). Every once in a while, check your wallet's "cash balance" and "reconcile" the cash account to keep it accurate.
    2. You can activate the credit card's online features at any time after creating the offline account. It's a simple process which requires your login credentials for the credit card.

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  • Thanks guys...I got the cash account.....and was able to figure out how to make a credit card go online......
    This is a very big powerful program.....a lot of stuff to learn....and it seems a lot of it is not very obvious...

    Many thanks for the assistance....
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