Report for new sub-category (philanthropic charity)

I recently updated to Windows 10 (abysmal experience). Since I can contribute money TAX FREE through a recognized DAF (donor advised fund) to any recognized charity, I created a special account in Qkn for those transfers from my TAXABLE accounts successfully. The DAF does not download those txns for the contributions so I had to enter them manually.,
I created a new CHARITY account with a sub-account called PHILANTHROPY. i was able to see last year's txns in the report I created. SO FAR so good.
Qkn froze completely and then froze my computer. I noticed that after going into TASK MANGLER, I got the screens to move ever so slightly. That ceased to happen once I took the focus on the moving window and went to another one. I can get crash logs easy enough. I did notice a message about a driver for an Epson printer that I have not used in a long time. That driver does NOT appears under drivers for other devices (I guess I should breathe a sigh of relief).
I will do a VALIDATE and then supervalidate. I will search for anything with EPSON in it in the registry AFTER backing it up.
The only method I could use to unfreeze the job and the computer was to do a hard re-start.
HAS ANYONE encountered a similar FEATURE? :smiley:


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