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Tooltip for blue pencil icon

Scott Rose
Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
It seems like the tooltip that shows up for the blue pencil icon is incorrect. 

Or, at the very least, it would be much nicer to see the tooltip changed to something more helpful.

If you take a look at my screenshot #1 below, the tooltip for the blue pencil says: "This is a non Bill Pay transaction in an account that is enabled for Bill Pay."

While that might be technically true, what's really happening here is that I manually entered a transaction that was later matched to a downloaded transaction. That would be the more informative & more helpful tooltip to see here.

This would also be more in alignment with what the tooltip says for the orange pencil icon, which is screenshot #2 below. 

The tooltip for the orange pencil icon says "This transaction was manually entered in your Quicken register."

It would be nice if these tooltips more accurately reflected the state of these transactions.

Screenshot #1:

Screenshot #2:

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