Account Gone Wild

One of my accounts added $27,205 to its balance. I did not deposit this money. Has anyone experienced something similar? The account was not linked to the bank. Entries were always made manually. However, when I went to reconciled it, I found that Quicken had linked to the bank. Again, I didn't do this! All suggestions appreciated.


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    Take the money and run!
    OK, sorry, just kidding.
    Quicken does not "automagically" activate a connection to the bank without you being aware of it, without you entering the bank's logon ID and password and then being presented with a stack of downloaded transactions covering the last 60 - 90 days. These transactions will throw your account register out of balance until you review these transactions, weed out (delete) any duplicates and reconcile the remaining transactions in your register to your printed bank statements.
    If you do not want to download transactions for this bank account, deactivate it. Afterwards go into Edit Account Details and blank out the financial institution name, bank logon ID and account number, routing number fields.