Unable to delete duplicated (by Quicken) manually entered check

I manually entered the check and somehow Quicken duplicated the transaction.

One transaction does not even highlight the option to delete when I right click on it.
The duplicate transaction (which Quicken duplicated on its own) offers me the option but when it confirms if I really want to delete it, when I say YES, it doesn't delete.

At this point, it seems Quicken is duplicating 2 different manually entered checks. Somehow the transactions seem to be in a loop of some sort.
Thanks again


  • Joanne
    Joanne Member ✭✭
    Further observation....
    When I try to move on to another transaction, it asks me if I want to change a reconciled transaction. If I say no, im back to where I started with a duplicated check. If I say yes, it deletes my Opening Balance from Dec 31 2019.
    What the heck it going on!
    I would contact Quicken and have them log in to my screen but only one person has known how to do that. The others have not been able to. Very frustrating.
  • Joanne
    Joanne Member ✭✭
    No need to respond to this question....I closed Quicken and rebooted computer and relaunched Quicken and everything fixed itself. No idea what was going on