Problem with Restore

Having been a Quicken user for over 30 years I have restored Quicken on many a new computer, however I am having a problem getting the restore to work properly on a new laptop I just bought. I have a backup from my old computer, I download my Quicken Starter from my Quicken account and run restore and restore my file from an external hard drive. The restore works I see my accounts and registers just as they should be and then the program Syncs to the Cloud and that is where the problem comes in. The Sync deletes ALL the information in the registers and creates a negative balance on the register. The balances showing on the side bar however are correct. I have tried to delete the cloud and get an error saying that I am using it and it can't be deleted. I have renamed the restore file when I download it and it still does it. I have told it that it is just a copy to look at and not to sync when I am restoring and it STILL syncs. I am at a loss as to what to do.


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