STCU accounts won't download

I am using Quicken Version R30.21 Build on Windows 10.
I am unable to download my accounts from Spokane Teachers Credit Union - new. They were working fine and a few days ago nothing downloaded although the "Update Complete" window came up. I have been having this problem come up a lot. Every 3 or 4 days I have to reset my accounts to get them to download.
Now even this isn't working. When I try to Set Up the accounts I get the login screen for user name and password which I fill in correctly then I get the security question screen that I fill in correctly. The next screen is the login screen and says "Oops did you mistype your login CC-503). No I didn't mistype my login. But that happens every time I try.
When I go to the Credit Union website it shows me the last login time which is when Quicken tried to log in. So it looks like Quicken can log in but is unable to download the account info.
BTW, on Jan. 1 I started a new data file to try and cure the login problem. But it keeps cropping up.


  • Hello @tirebiter52

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. With the information you've given us it sounds like something that we may need to look up in the log files. I do recommend contacting Quicken Support via phone so that we're able to help with collecting logs and figuring out exactly what is happening. I'll leave our hours down below so you can find a time that works best for you.


    Quicken Francisco

    Quicken Phone Support Current Hours of Operation:

    Monday through Friday

    5:00 am to 5:00 pm PDT

  • KariCoogan
    KariCoogan Member
    I am also having the same issues with STCU account updates. I get an error code CC-506 and have tried to reset my account but it will not update my accounts.
  • @KariCoogan

    Thanks for letting us know you're also having issues as well. In this case I'll recommend contacting support as well so that they can take a look at the logs to see exactly what's happening. Given that you've having a different error than tirebiter52 I'll help us identify where exactly the issue is coming from. My post above also has the contact link and hours available for you to find the best time to contact support.

    Quicken Francisco
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