I am unable to update bond and stock prices for my accounts at Morgan stanley

My Vanguard and TIAA securities update fine. I have 6 accounts at Morgan Stanley. If I do One Step Update all stock and bond prices from MS download as 1.
Share and bond quantities and cash appear to be correct
If I download the accounts separately, My first MS account downloads fine but when I download the second account it downloads accurately but the first account prices all become 1,When I download the third account ,its prices are correct but both of the other account's securities are now priced as 1...and so on for the six accounts.
It appears that if I update all accounts at once all securities are priced as 1. If I download one account at a time the current account has accurate share prices but all previously downloaded accounts' securities become 1.
I tried taking down my firewall.
I am running Windows though Parallels on a Mac .
My Quicken Version is current (R30.21).
Any suggestions would be welcome.


  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    If you have simple investing enabled, review this thread which also talks about $1 share prices and a temporary fix.
    In today's update multiple securities prices have been reset to $1.00 from their actual price. — Quicken
  • pjennings
    pjennings Member ✭✭
    Markus, the suggestions of Changing to complete downloads and doing this when markets were open worked for pricing my stock and mutual fund accounts. it did not solve my problem with my account containing individual municipals and another account containing individual taxable bonds. In those accounts prices were 1 and quantities were tens rather than thousands e.g. 70 rather than $7000 face.
    Is there a workaround?
  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Simple pricing is screwed up when markets are closed.  Simple will never work for individual bonds because the provider of quotes does not provide quotes for individual bonds. Individual bond pricing is only updated when when you download from MS.  Simple must not be harvesting that table correctly.

    My suggestion is to use complete until Simple works out the kinks.  You may have to manually adjust the Buy/Add transactions in the MS registers to get your positions to match up.  I have all individual bonds deselected for downloading in the Securities table.  Using complete, my MS positions match in Quicken and pricing is updated when I download transactions.

    I would not switch back & forth between simple & complete.  That will only create more problems.  I'd encourage you to use the in-product Report a Problem under the Help Menu to help Quicken fix the problems.  If you stay with Simple, you might start another post specific to the individual bond issue.  Maybe someone has found a way to work around it. 
  • pjennings
    pjennings Member ✭✭
    Thanks...I wiil follow both suggestions.
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