Cash Flow Statement

I am trying to create a Cash Flow Statement that accounts for my paycheck deductions correctly. It does so for everything but my pre-tax deductions. I contribute, pre-tax, to a Health Savings Account and to a 401k. But these show up on the INFLOW portion of the CFS. It has a line that says FROM Health Savings Account and one that says FROM 401k. The deductions for these items end up being ADDED to my gross income, and are shown as a positive cash flow. I have an AFTER tax contribution to my 401k that shows up in the OUTFLOWS section, which makes sense to me. What do the HSA and 401k show up in the inflows side of the ledger, and inflate my monthly take-home?

What am I missing here? Am I misunderstanding the meaning of a cash flow statement? I want to be able to predict the balance of my checking account. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • Hello@clippus 

    Thank you for posting in the Community though I’m sorry that you are experiencing this issue with the contributions.

    It sounds like you are using the Paycheck Wizard? Entering the HSA and 401 contribution as negative amounts will allow them to be configured to the outflow section of your cash flow statement.

    Let us know how that looks!

    Thank you

    Quicken Diana

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