Why isn't the budget "actual" being updated to reflect an expense to a budget account?

I created an ATM withdrawal entry in the checking account ledger and used a split - $100 from the budget's "cash" account and $300 from the budget's "car maintenance" account.

Going over to the budget tool, the "car maintenance" actual for the month of the ATM transaction shows $0. Yet when I click on the actual (showing as 0) to bring up the transactions pop-up screen, the $300 is there. For some reason the $300 is not showing in the budget actual, nor is the $300 being subtracted from the accrued dollar amount for the "car maintenance" budgeted amount. The "cash" budget account works correctly. Why isn't the "car maintenance" budget account working as expected?

This is an isolated case, not typical.


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    Do I understand you correctly?
    - You withdrew $400 from your checking account
    - You kept $100 in your wallet.
    - You paid a car service bill for $300
    The way you recorded the cash withdrawal, I assume it was recorded as a deposit into both "car maintenance" and "cash", and not as an expense to "car maintenance".
    Personally, I would have recorded 2 transactions:
    - A Cash withdrawal, a transfer from your checking account to the "Cash" account register, $400
    - A payment transaction, "Rolls Royce Service", $300, category "Car Maintenance"
    That leaves $100 in addition to any other remaining cash in my wallet, for future cash spending transactions, each to be properly categorized to budget categories
    And the car service bill will now also appear as a proper expense.

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