I still can't get Quicken to connect with CareCredit


Last time I tried Quicken was in 2019 and I couldn't get it to connect with CareCredit so I gave up (due to that and host of other issues).

I'm back, Jan 2021, trying again and I still can't get Quicken to connect to CareCredit; the message is Quicken can't communicate with CareCredit's servers.

Does anyone know if Quicken plans on ever resolving this problem?

Thank you!!


  • Frankx
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    Hi @ Diane Forster-Dennis,

    CareCredit is now affiliated with Synchrony Bank - have you tried selecting "Synchrony" as the financial institution when attempting to setup the download?  When you try to connect, what happens or what error code do you receive?


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  • Hi Frank!

    Thank you! I'll try that.

    I just chose CareCredit because it popped up.

    No error message per se, just "oops, we're having trouble" and "don't contact CareCredit because it's a server issue" (paraphrased).

    I'll try Synchrony and see how it goes. :)

    Thank you again!
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