portfolio totals vs lot totals not in syns

Scott Jasion
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I have an investment (with many buy and sell transactions over the years.   There is a lot showing up (that is phantom) and not included in the total shares, but the cost basis does accumulate to the total (showing a significant loss).  how do I correct this?   


  • Scott Jasion
    screenshot of the above question relative to bogus lot on the portfolio.

  • q_lurker
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    Did you buy that security at that time in that account (and presumably sold it later)?

    If this is a security your have traded in and out of several times, my suggestion would be:
    • Backup your file!
    • Sort the transaction list for that account by security (click on the Security header.  All your transactions for that security will be grouped together sorted by date. 
    • Progressively from that date forward, edit the Sell or Remove transactions to make sure they "make sense".  Click the Specify lots button to make sure proper lots are being sold each time.     
     Another independent step -- Validate the file including the rebuild lots option.  Conventional wisdom is to have Quicken create a copy of the file (truly eliminating deadwood deleted transactions), and then validating the copy.