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This one is NOT a big deal, but for the sake of keeping clean records and curiosity would be nice to know.

I have a monthly bill that is an autopay from a credit card. Quicken scrapes it monthly, provides the charge, I enter as EFT into the credit card account, it gets paid and cleared. Bills and Income shows entered and awaiting the next bill. All as expected.

This month I thought that Quicken had retrieved the latest bill and I entered as mentioned. It shows in the register waiting to clear and shows in Bills and Income as entered on the due date. All just right.

But, I received notice today the bill was ready so I should not have entered it when I did. Its actually a different amount.

I can delete the transaction from the Credit Card register, but will that reset the Online Bill to "awaiting next bill" for this month's bill so I can redo as if I had not entered incorrectly? If not, can I reset that Biller another way after deleting the transaction in the register?

As I said, not a big deal and it will work out, but would be nice to reverse that entered bill totally and grab the new bill today or tomorrow when Quicken would normally grab it.



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    Thank you for bringing your question to the Community, though I’m sorry that you’ve not yet received a response.

    If I understand correctly, you received a notification from the biller that a new bill is available, and that bill is not yet presented in the Bills and Income tab in Quicken? And you want to clear the incorrect transaction from the register?

    I will suggest to go ahead and delete the transaction from the register. Then go to the Bills and Income tab and click the UPDATE ALL button at the top right as shown in the picture below.


    In my test, this action cleared the amount that was entered in the register, but kept the text ENTERED as well as the date. This text will remain as the purpose of that column is to provide information regarding the last payment. In this case it does not seem that a “reset” to the bill in Bill Manager is necessary. When the new bill is available, enter it as an ETF transaction as you normally do. This action will clear the previous ENTERED (with that date) and replace it with the information from the new transaction.

    Please let us know how this goes for you and if anything further is needed!

    Thank you

    Quicken Diana

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    Actually, not quite on your understanding.

    I thought a new bill had been scraped and it was not. So I entered the transaction.

    Then got an email from the biller the bill was ready with a different amount. So I would have liked to delete the register transaction and reset the Online Biller for this Bill to awaiting again so it would grab the proper amount. Perhaps more clear?

    And I see that what I had hoped did not work for you. And not a big issue as mentioned. Just trying to learn yet another new Quicken technique if I make that error again.

    Once the bill clears it will be a different amount and I can adjust it there when matching and next month should be back in sync.

    Thanks for the reply Diana. Appreciated.
  • Bob.
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    OK, bill cleared, different amount. Matched manually and all that went wrong was the Online Bill deleting the amount paid when I had entered it and updated the date to the date the bill cleared. So a little visual data lost on the Bills and Income tab.

    If I am careful, should not run into this one again.

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