Big Issues after Updating today to R31.5

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Updated as requested. Usually not an issue. After updating three bills that had been entered or paid in the last few days showed as unpaid and due. A request sent to the bank to schedule a payment is no longer in the register and definitely was there. I do not know what to do!

I  do not want to reschedule the payment and pay twice. I am unsure what else is broken.

I will save a backup, restore from yesterday and hope, but worried!



  • Bob.
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    Restored from yesterday and "seems" OK. Hard to tell. Might be missing a credit card entry or two. Checking now.

    Sent a report and logs.

    Seems on opening after update there is a brief message and progress bar showing something close to "updating data files" but similar wording. It did not do that after restoring. And by restoring, I took a file from yesterday and renamed it to the main data file name.

  • Bob.
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    OK, one credit card possible off by exactly $10 or $20. So likely something else but possible from this update. About to call bank to be sure they do have the scheduled payments from yesterday or the day before.

    Something odd in updating the data file after this update. Hope it was not just me.

    More if and when I know it. About to check cash balances and shares. Will only post if more errors show.
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    The last 2 updates from Quicken have damaged my original data file and I've had to restore them from backup. Please stop updating until you fix this issue!
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    Good to know not just me. But only this one for me. Scary to see paid bills unpaid again.

  • Bob.
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    My scheduled payment is confirmed at my bank. This update showed it as never being paid. Big problem guys. Could have easily double paid a big bill!
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    Guessing you meant - R31.5 - updated topic title from ...
    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
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    The actual version shown in Quicken 2020 H&B is:


    So yes, in my angst fat fingered that one twice :) Thanks!
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    OK, here is what I know:

    3 Online Billers entered in the last 48 hours were reversed and shown as not entered.
    One scheduled payment from checking was gone.
    One new stock added to my watchlist was missing.

    I truly believe this was not from things yesterday but in at least MOST of these the day before. So it simply did not revert to the last saved data file. Something much more odd than that.

    I don't make notes of what I do daily so possible I missed something. But I think this might be the extent of the "corruption" by allowing this update.And it all happens on either clicking "start Quicken" from the final update dialog or when Quicken is next launched. Whatever script or commands run there are problematic.

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    OK, must have been just me, but I am surprised. Or perhaps someone else with a similar issue did not find this topic. Don't know.

    Nothing special about my update here and best I can tell whatever data file prep ran upon next use of Quicken after the update went back 2 or so versions of the data file - 2 days.

    I have everything back as mentioned above. And no issue with 31.6
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