What is the best way to restart after pausing for a few months

Not sure if this is the correct category but I didn't know which one was. I stopped entering transactions and reconciling for a few months. I am wondering what the best way to start back up is. Should I just create a new instance? It would be nice if I could keep my current bills, paycheck, payees, memorized transactions, budget categories, etc. Thanks for your help.


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    What version..... Help --> About Quicken
    The Quicken data file is just like working on a Word doc or Excel sheet...
    it's not going anywhere, and you can just pick up from where you stopped. 
    (unless it's an expired version of the Starter version)
    So, are you only entering transactions manually -
    with no online downloading via One Step Update ?

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    ps56k thanks for your response. I am using quicken 202 R31.5

    I have been only entering manually. However, I plan on switching to downloading transactions on my restart. I was trying to avoid the 'mess' of going back and getting everything up to date. Maybe it won't be as bad as I thought.
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    If you have the accounts already setup - and can enable the Online feature for them, then downloading will pick up from whatever is avail in those accounts from the financial institution.  HOWEVER - they usually only have maybe 90 days of downloadable transactions avail - maybe more - but it is totally up to each financial institution.

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