401(k) - Incorrect Market Value Being Shown

I recently setup my 401(k) in Quicken for Mac and have had to manually enter all of the transaction history. For the most part the market values for each investment in my portfolio is correct. I do have 4 investments where the market value is off by a penny. This screenshot shows the market value for this investment is $947.57. The correct market value is $947.58. The number of shares that I have is correct. I can not figure out how to adjust the market value by a penny. I have 3 other instances where the market value is off by a penny. Any help would be appreciated!


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    It's most likely a rounding issue between Quicken and the holder of the 401k. It isn't unusual to be a few pennies off. 

    You could have also made a typo when manually entering your transactions. But, since the share balance is correct, I would suspect rounding. I know mine is usually dead on-most of the time, but occasionally the balance will be off by a penny or two.
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