How do I connect Quicken to my new TD Ameritrade - AdvisorClient accounts ?

I just opened, through my financial advisor, some accounts at TD Ameritrade and want to include them in my Quicken system so I can follow their value.
I can not find a way to connect them in.


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    What version ..... Help --> About Quicken
    Can you manually log into TD and see your account & transactions ?
    What URL do you use for the website ?
    Sometimes the "advisor" version of accounts are not made avail outside of the "advisor" portal entry website.

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  • jwitstijn
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    Version R30.21
    Yes I can log in to and see the transactions.
    I guess I just don't want to have to retype them all...
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    In doing a search of previous postings - it looks like this topic has come up before, and I don't think there is a connection between Quicken and the "AdvisorClient" feature of TD Ameritrade....  guessing the normal Quicken Add Account for TD Ameritrade doesn't work in this scenario.

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  • rvmeush
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    In order to use Quicken with your Advisor Client account at TDA you need to call TDA tech support and request that they enable Quicken access to your account. They will tell you the proper information to enter for login when you connect to the TD Ameritrade bank in your account setup.
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